Grossmont High School Students Explore Careers

On November 9th, Grossmont High School held its 3rd Annual Career Fair at its campus in East County. The fair provides the school’s senior students with an opportunity to explore various career paths and speak with professionals with experience in those fields.  The organizers who oversee and coordinate the event have invited the San Diego CITD for the past 2 years to be a part of the fair.

The 2016 edition included the participation of more companies and Government entities than the previous year. Approximately 500 students participated in the fair. The fair ran for the 6 periods of the school day to give time for all students to stop by and learn about different occupations and careers. Some of the occupations and careers that were promoted at the fair included:  Accounting/CPA/Taxes, Banking/Finance, Biotech and life sciences, Building and Construction, Cosmetology, Education, Engineering, Entrepreneurship/Business/Management, Food service/Hospitality, Information Technology, and Global Trade and Logistics/International Trade,  among others. Several local community colleges and universities also participated in the fair and provided information on the educational programs available to prepare students for careers in these fields.

Monica Rosas, San Diego CITD International Trade Specialist and Industry Connections Coordinator with the SB1070 Career Pathways Program, participated in the event and promoted careers in International Business and Global Trade & Logistics. She spoke to students about what global trade is and what type of situations they could encounter in this field. She also provided information on career paths they can take and skills needed to become a professional in global trade.